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What CIOs Think About Windows 7
Windows 7 release date is October 22
In less than a month, Windows 7 will be made generally available
Windows 7 to be shipped in EU when IE is no default anymore
Windows 8 x128
In 2016, Microsoft will retain almost 90% of the projected 370+ million PCs sold
According to the new study by Forrester Research titled "Windows: The Next Five Years", Microsoft will retain almost 90% of the projected 370+ million PCs sold ...
Ready or not, come April 8, 2014, Microsoft will execute the Windows XP lifecycle end
Fujitsu: “The whole industry is excited about tablets, but serious corporations still need desktops”
Microsoft just announced that the company has sold over 670 million copies of Windows 7 so far.
Windows 7 appears to be taking disproportionately more share from Vista than XP
Upgrading to Windows 7 from XP without the pain
Family Licenses
Goldman Sachs survey: 85 to 90 percent of respondents are still on Windows XP
How Desktop Virtualization Eases Windows 7 Migration
Windows IT Pro Magazine: "What is Zinstall?" product review
Survey: What is your biggest barrier to deploying Windows 7?
Windows 7 XP Mode loses hardware requirement
Microsoft recognized that the vast majority of its customer-base still relies on the legacy Windows XP operating system, and wanted to give those customers ...
"...With VDI... client-side hardware and software -- notably, Windows -- become relatively unimportant."
IT Pros 'Concerned' About Windows 7 Migrations Issues--But Why?
What does “post-PC” mean? Forrester Research forecast:
Window 7 early adopters survey: just 14 percent are business users
Recent survey of 100,000 customers: 31% have reported problems with upgrading to Windows 7
CBS Senior Editor Mark Kaelin reviews Zinstall XP7 for TechRepublic
CBS Interactive Senior Editor Mark Kaelin shares his XP to Windows7 migration experience in this profound analytical review: "Move your entire Windows XP ...
Windows 7 is a small impulse to PC sales
Businesses planning a move to Windows 7 need a more rigorous planning and assessment tool than the consumer-grade Upgrade Advisor.
Why Windows 7 Isn’t Selling Fast Enough
15.4 percent of XP users planned to upgrade to Windows 7 immediately after second service pack.
A PC Advisor poll has found that just under one in six (15.4 percent) of Windows XP users planned to upgrade to Windows 7 immediately after Microsoft pulled ...
How long shall migration from Vista to Windows 7 take using MS Migration Path?
65% of corporate PCs meet optimal Windows 7 system requirements
HP announces its price list for Windows 7 migration services
What’s Driving Upgrades to Windows 7?