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zPOD is the ultimate backup and instant disaster recovery solution.

When your computer breaks down, you become stuck until you get a new machine and then - perform a tedious restore process if you have some backup. Even then, you still cannot run your applications, and have to reinstall them on your new computer.

With zPOD, you do nothing of the sort. Just plug your zPOD into any computer, and start working right away. All your data is safe and your programs are operational immediately.

But zPOD is more that just a backup program - it is truly your computer in your pocket. It puts your entire computer onto any portable hard drive - all your programs, settings, documents and files - as well as your favorites, Skype and Facebook accounts, and your email.

Simply connect that external hard drive to any computer, and start working as if it were your own, running all of your applications, anywhere - at work, at home or on the road.

zPOD is invaluable for those who use multiple computers and would like to have their own workspace with them regardless of the physical machine.

Here is how it works:

Zinstall zPOD

Put your PC in your pocket - use it anywhere



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Zinstall zPOD:    $169

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